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An SEO for Website Audit can make or break you

Why An SEO for Website Audit can make or break you, A complete guide for your own site.

As a search engine optimizer, I regularly conduct SEO audits for a wide array of customers. In this article, I show you: What is an SEO audit?

What in fact is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the ultimate test of your site to examine the existing level of search engine optimization and technical optimization. Roughly speaking, all OnPageand OffPage aspects of your website or online shop are checked, to the smallest detail.

More particularly, an SEO professional uses checklists, online tools and his own experience to examine the technical infrastructure and efficiency. However also the content and backlinks of site. I’ll show you how to produce the audit yourself.

As a rule, a catalog of procedures is developed from this. This lists all the weaknesses and potential chances of a site. In other words: An SEO audit is the basis for your method for the next few months.

What is the objective of the SEO audit?

The focus is on assessing the online search engine friendliness of a site. From the results, a brochure of procedures is created at the end. Mainly, website owners or the clients of your firm pursue the following goals with this service:

Examination of the site for existing SEO patterns, traffic etc
. Third-party verification of the success of a current SEO agency
Boost presence in organic search engine result
But likewise, for companies, SEO audits are a chance to

Why is SEO audits so expensive?

The problem of an SEO audit lies in the search engine optimization itself. Due to the fact that there are dozens of guidelines and optimization possibilities for which each URL of the website must be analyzed. In addition, you need to analyze the material or even countless backlinks individually for their quality.

This entire process of An SEO for Website Audit is time-consuming.

As a rule, an SEO audit takes a number of hours, days or even weeks. The bigger the site, the more time it requires to complete the analysis. In addition to the expert’s hourly wage, an SEO company will use numerous tools and charge for their use. And these tools are typically not cheap.

All of these aspects lead to the fact that an SEO audit can become an extremely significant, however costly endeavor.

How to carry out the SEO for Website Audit yourself.

When I was asked by RAIDBOXES for a post on this topic, I thought of it for a long time: How can this extremely extensive subject be summed up in such a way that anybody and everybody has the ability to perform an SEO audit themselves? Because no tool can change a specialist who frequently deals with the matter. Consistency is the keyword. There are always brand-new features contributed to search engine optimization, although the basic guidelines of the video game have stayed the exact same for many years.

There are countless changes to the search algorithm every year, and they keep making small modifications at regular intervals. And the competition never sleeps. Details, tricks and suggestions are no longer up to date after a couple of months. Or they are copied by a number of competitors. For you to successfully complete an SEO audit you need to:

  • Continually handle the topic of SEO
  • Be notified about current changes and trends
  • Have a broad understanding of the optimization of his site
  • See, for instance, the post on the SEO Guide 2019. In the following guide, I’ll show you step by step how to discover crucial mistakes of your sites yourself. And how you can fix them.

You will need a lot of tools to carry our An SEO for Website Audit

For an SEO audit to be holistic, you must make sure you have access to the most essential analytics tools and services. These include Google Analytics, Search Console and access to the Google My Business entry.

An SEO audit is a lengthy undertaking. In order to keep the time invested as low as possible, it is recommended to use expert tools when evaluating the website.

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